Chemical CleanOut Weekend 2021

Have you been storing household chemicals in the garage or garden shed? Label and pack them safely into your car and take them to Jamison Park during our CleanOut Weekend so we can take it to the right place. A COVID-19 safe plan will be in place.

What do I have to do on the day?

All you have to do is clearly label your waste so the staff know the place it needs to be taken to. Pack your chemical waste safely into the boot of your car or trailer and bring it down to Jamison Park. The friendly staff on the day will remove it from your vehicle without you needing to hop out. 

Why is it important to take your chemical waste to the right place?

If chemical waste is placed in your regular household bins, it risks injuring our garbage collectors and adds to the flammability and toxic effects of potential fires. Improper disposal of chemical waste can harm wildlife. Pouring chemical waste down the sink poses a high risk of contaminating ground and surface water and risks endangering the environment and wildlife. Many chemical materials can be recycled or reused, resulting in a reduction of waste and pollution and better resource recovery efforts. 

What kind of items can I bring?

Household quantities of 20L or 20kg and paint of up to 100L in 20L containers will be accepted. 

  • Acids and alkalis
  • Ammonia based cleaners
  • Car batteries
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Floor care products
  • Fluorescent globes and tubes
  • Fuels and fluids
  • Garden chemicals
  • Gas bottles
  • Hobby chemicals
  • Motor oils
  • Paint and related products
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Poisons
  • Pool chemicals
  • Solvents and household cleaners 

COVID-19 safe plan

Please safely pack labelled drop-off items into the boot of your car or your trailer, come to the event and remain inside of your vehicle. The friendly staff will unpack your boot or trailer to ensure a safe distance is maintained at all times. 

What if I can’t make it on the day?

If you can’t make it on the day, you can still take your chemicals to the right place to be disposed of at the Penrith Community Recycling Centre. It’s free and open all year round. Make sure to check what you can and cannot take before planning your trip.

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Dates & Times

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