Today’s Coffee Will Pave Tomorrow’s Roads

The takeaway coffee cup that you had your coffee in this morning could be in the road you drive on tomorrow, under a revolutionary Australian-first recycling project for sustainable road surfaces. 

Council partnered with State Asphalt Services for the resurfacing of 390 metres of Jamison Road at South Penrith, and 350 metres of Swallow Drive, Erskine Park where the PAK-PAVE™ road surface included a mixture containing almost 136,000 coffee cups. 

In addition to the cups, the asphalt included over 1.2 million glass bottles – a mix that has proven successful in the resurfacing of 8.4 kms of pavement throughout the Penrith Local Government Area.


  • 72,000 coffee cups were used in the road surface on Jamison Road, South Penrith 
  • 64,000 coffee cups were used in the road surface on Swallow Drive, Erskine Park 
  • 136,000 takeaway cups have been diverted from landfill for this project 
  • 1.2 million glass stubby bottles were also used for the two roads

The cups are collected through Simply Cups, an initiative by Closed Loop. To find a collection point, head to