Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

Penrith City Council encourages the use of public places for outdoor dining as a means of stimulating business growth and to create vibrant local communities that enhance the amenity of public spaces and promotes social activity.


To be eligible for an outdoor dining permit, your business must operate in conjunction with an approved food or drink premises, including hours of operation, and meet all four permit requirements outlined in the guidelines.

All outdoor dining on public land requires Council approval. This approval is sought through the completion of an Outdoor Dining Application.

Where outdoor dining is proposed in association with a hotel, pub or small bar, a development application must also be submitted before lodging the outdoor dining application form.

If you are not sure which approvals you require, please contact Council’s Property Development Department before submitting your application.


The Outdoor Dining Policy and Guidelines establishes a framework under which Council will manage outdoor dining within the City. The Policy and Guidelines apply to all land within the Penrith City Council Local Government Area that is used as a public footpath, space or park and adjoining an existing approved food related business.


Relevant fees and charges are outlined in Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges available on our website. These fees and charges are reviewed each year and the annual permit fee will depend on the location and size of the outdoor dining area.


Submitting the correct documents with the outdoor dining application will help Council to assess the application accurately and efficiently.

The following documents must be submitted with your application:

  • a completed Outdoor Dining Application Form
  • a copy of the Public Liability Insurance Policy for the business with a minimum of $20 million cover and with Penrith City Council listed as an Interested Party
  • a location plan
  • details and images showing any furniture, umbrellas, heaters, barriers etc.
  • Outdoor Dining Adjoining Business Permission (If applicable).


Outdoor Dining Documentation

Outdoor Dining Policy

Outdoor Dining Guidelines

Outdoor Dining Application Form