We are the New West

We are the New West

The Edge of Tomorrow New West

BOLD VISION We want our City to thrive on smart growth and innovation. We’re finding partners to grow the local economy, attract investment and create jobs. We’re turning big ideas into reality. Read more 

TRANSFORMATION OF OUR CITY CENTRES We’re building vibrant City Centres that are a pleasure to walk and get around. We’re making inner city living a reality.  Read about the City Park Precinct 

MORE JOBS CLOSE TO HOME We’re helping to create between 42,000 and 55,000 extra jobs by 2031.  See our Economic Development Strategy 

BETTER INFRASTRUCTURE $3 billion in pipeline projects are already underway and we’re only 20 minutes drive from the future Western Sydney Airport, which will provide 24/7 services. 

IMPROVED ROADS AND RAIL a $3.6 billion Federal and NSW Government road investment program will enhance connectivity across Western Sydney. Additionally, joint funding for Stage One of the North South Rail Link will open Penrith up to new jobs and opportunities.   

WESTERN SYDNEY CITY DEAL  The Western City Deal is a new and bold approach to managing cities and economies; unifying three levels of government - Federal, State and Local to deliver smart and responsible growth for Western Sydney.

ACCESS TO QUALITY HEALTH AND EDUCATION The Quarter – Penrith’s award-winning Health and Education Precinct, is committed to becoming an international destination for investment and excellence in health care, medical research and education.  

‘OUR RIVER’ CITY The Nepean River is vital to our City and community. We’ll activate the area around the river and connect it to the City Centre. Read the Our River Masterplan 

 We have 1.3 million visitors annually. We’re going to double that number and increase spending to more than $500 million annually by 2025. 

FIT FOR THE FUTURE We’re one of only 7 Sydney councils deemed fit to stand alone in the ‘Fit for the Future’ review of Local Government. 

AND LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES… We’re uncompromising about our aspirations and excited about maximising the New West’s potential.


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