New West Activity

New West Activity

Opportunity Precincts

Penrith has developed six Opportunity Precincts …. zones of activity to achieve our City Centre vision.  

Central Park Village:  A contemporary public space – the City Park Precinct – surrounded by a mix of housing and specialist retail opportunities. 

Living Well Precinct: A walkable, contemporary village with a ‘neighbourhood’ feel for baby boomers looking for a different housing option in a City Centre location, with ready access to social and recreational opportunities 

Commerce and Education: A vibrant, high activity precinct, with dense laneways that enhance pedestrian linkages and ground floor activity. 

Health Link: An active employment hub and a key connection to the Multi-User Depot (MUD) site in North Penrith, which has the potential to provide health and wellness services. 

Community, Cultural and Civic: A precinct that is both family-friendly and accessible, with community activities such as galleries, museums and water play areas, commercial and visitor accommodation and residential uses. It will support cultural activation and entertainment and link the City Centre to the Nepean River.

 To bring a formality to the eastern boundary of the City Centre and house a range of government services, including Courts and Police. 

Opportunity Precincts - Actions

Central Park Village  
2015-2019 Actions

  • Design and deliver Stage 1 of the City Park, including an activation plan.
  • Work with providers of apartment buildings and mixed use development to deliver housing density in the precinct.
  • Establish a meeting place in the City Centre, which could be co-located with the cross-cultural community centre, a community gallery or library.

Living Well Precinct 

2015-2019 Actions

  • Deliver living options for 55+ years, aged care facilities and seniors living developments.
  • Seek interest to construct a commercial or mixed use building that integrates the Community Services Hub.
  • Develop a structure plan for the precinct that encourages aged care, seniors living and community services, and upgrades Judges Park.

Commerce and Education 

2015-2019 Actions

  • Work with TAFE and other education providers to develop a strategy for the TAFE site that maximises opportunities for additional education facilities, a smart work / business hub, serviced apartments, restaurants and commercial activities.
  • Seek interest for construction of a commercial building on the former Q Theatre site.
  • Increase the number of international students attending Western Sydney University and TAFE and engage them in the City Centre.

Health Link 

2015-2019 Actions

  • Advocate for the North Penrith Multi-User Depot (MUD) site to be made available for development.
  • Deliver opportunities, and work with providers, for a significant health-related. employment-generating development on the MUD site, such as a private hospital or health facility.
  • Develop an international health hub, focusing on delivering health services overseas.

Community, Culture and Civic  

2015-2019 Actions

  • Finalise a structure plan for the iconic Carpenter’s site that delivers a magnetic meeting and destination place.
  • Advocate for cultural economy and infrastructure funding for Western Sydney’s Regional Cities.

2015-2019 Actions

  • Advocate for district courts to be relocated to Penrith.

City Shaping Elements - Actions

City Shaping Elements exist throughout the City Centre, and these themes must be addressed to maintain an integrated approach to growth and development in the City Centre.

Creative Economy 
Culture plays a key role in stimulating long term economic and social growth
Creative arts stimulate community participation, and contribute to enhancing our culture.

2015-2019 Actions

  • Explore approaches to attract and retain the City’s ‘dream demographic’. 
  • Work with education partners to provide for areas of future skills need. 
  • Develop a business case for a university presence and pursue establishment of a university / satellite university campus. 
  • Explore innovative economic models for new business and diversification models for existing business, through the City
  • Centre’s NBN opportunities. 
  • Advocate to increase the level of funding for cultural arts venues and programs.

Active City

Vibrant cities are active 24/7 with food, entertainment and activities, and active cities attract both young people and empty-nesters. 

2015-2019 Actions

  • Develop an Evening Economy strategy. 
  • Develop a City Centre Activation and Recreation Strategy. 
  • Retain Urban Growth by identifying the next site for it to develop another City-shaping living village. 
  • Engage with the state government to identify co-investment proposals for cultural infrastructure.

Smart Growth and Green Buildings 

Smart growth means a compact, bicycle-friendly, comfortable and walkable urban centre. Smart growth should also centre around being green – green buildings increase health and happiness for workers and residents.

2015-2019 Actions

  • Review incentives clauses in the LEP to support increased heights in appropriate City Centre locations, based on community benefit outcomes. 
  • Review planning controls for the signature sites to encourage quality sustainable development of a mature Regional City scale. 
  • Review the Floor Space Ratio (FSR) to achieve better urban design outcomes and scale of development for the City Centre.

Bridges, Boulevards and Gateways 

Two bridges for vehicles and pedestrians currently connect our city across the river. The new Nepean River Bridge, a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, will be completed in late 2018. Boulevards are ‘complete streets’ that provide access for all transport options. Defining and enhancing ‘gateways’, such as the Nepean River, will bring a sense of arrival, define the City Centre and reflect our culture and identity.

2015-2019 Actions

  • Create a welcoming, safe and cool gateway at Penrith Railway Station with landscaping, pedestrian shelter and sustainable lighting.

River Activation 

The Nepean River, Tench Reserve, Tench Avenue, The Penrith Weir, Regatta Park, The Penrith Regional Gallery and The Lewers Bequest are all important elements of our city.  With cafés, restaurants and sporting and recreation areas, river activation can include performance, art and design, play, events and festivals, sports and recreation.

2015-2019 Actions

  • Connect and activate the Great River Walk, and the pathway along High Street, into the City Centre.

Green Grid

A green grid provides a network of green pathways that connect both small and large green spaces throughout the city. Adding to our existing green spaces of Memory Park, the Mondo and the Triangle Park, the proposed City Park will become a new heart for our City Centre and provide spaces for rest, reflection, eating, events and a Cross- Cultural Community Centre.

City Transit

With most commuters travelling into Parramatta and Sydney each day for work, we will continue to advocate for fast and frequent train services. Developing a walkable City Centre in the future will require transit options to move people around the City Centre and support our new living precincts.

2015-2019 Actions

  • Plan new roads and pathways to improve legibility and permeability, and strengthen the pedestrian network. 
  • Manage and prioritise central parking to balance the needs of shoppers, workers, and commuters. 
  • Provide real-time parking space signage and way-finding. 
  • Provide and manage car parking through a supply and demand model, and implement a locational pricing structure to manage demand. 
  • Review parking requirements for residential, retail and commercial developments and recognise shared use for different times and activities.


Revitalising the City Centre requires robust infrastructure systems including roads, pathways, car parking, stormwater channels and drainage pipes.

2015-2019 Actions

  • Work with TAFE to establish a corridor for a new road through the western end of the site, connecting Belmore and Henry Streets.
    Undertake stormwater overland flow works in Judges Park and other areas in the City Centre.

City Economy 

The key in this project is to determine which are the appropriate sub-sectors and uses that could be encouraged to establish in the City Centre, but also support growth in the whole city.

2015-2019 Actions

  • Prepare an investment prospectus about the City for overseas markets 
  • Advocate for funding for the Western Sydney Stadium at Penrith.
  • Prepare an Airport Economic Development Strategy which capitalises jobs for the Penrith City Centre.