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  • The Federal Government is working to develop a new international airport in Western Sydney at Badgerys Creek, around 11kms from Penrith’s City Centre. The proposed airport would be operational in the mid 2020s.

    In September 2016, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure, announced the finalisation of the Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which was presented to the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, the Minister for the Environment and Energy, for his consideration. The EIS, alongside the revised draft Airport Plan, will be considered by the Environment Minister to inform the development of conditions or provisions that may be placed on the proposed airport.

    The EIS was finalised after extensive public consultation which saw almost 5000 submissions, including a submission from Council (see below).

    Visit the  Federal Government’s airport webpage for the latest information about the Western Sydney Airport, or find out more about the planning for the Western Sydney Airport project, what has happened so far and what the next steps are in the new brochure An airport for Western Sydney: Building Western Sydney's future

    Council’s position on the airport

    Council is committed to working with the Federal Government to deliver a new airport that fully integrates with Western Sydney and delivers maximum benefits to the region in terms of transport and infrastructure provision, employment and economic development. However, we believe there is still considerable work to be done to ensure the WSA achieves this with a minimal impact on our City. 

    Council has made a detailed submission to the State and Federal Government’s Scoping Study into rail needs in Western Sydney. Council’s submission calls for prompt action to preserve a corridor and ensure rail is in place when the Western Sydney airport opens and outlines how Option 6 (North-South rail) is the only option that will:

    • Create a new, connected 30-minute outer metropolitan growth city
    • Add $44.7 billion to the economy (from 2024 – 2040) reaching $3.6 billion per year by 2040
    • Support and improve access between the Growth Centres, the Western Sydney Priority Growth Area (including the proposed Western Sydney Airport) and the Regional City Centres of Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown
    • Provide an unrivalled catalyst for employment, innovation and economic growth in the region to deliver the jobs of tomorrow
    • Integrate with current rail plans to form an orbital network, supporting the existing east-west corridor with Penrith as the gateway between Sydney and the Central West, and
    • Reduce the >90% reliance on motor vehicle for journeys to work in Western Sydney, significantly reduce commuting times and improve quality of life.
    For more go to our North-South Rail page

    Read Council's formal submission to the EIS (1.36MB pdf)

    In the submission Council is calling for:

    • more equitable distribution of the noise impacts of aircraft movements and, in particular, consideration given to alternative flight paths and merge points, noise sharing to limit noise exposure for any single community and changes to the Sydney Airports Curfew Act to ensure it applies to both Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport (KSA) and the WSA;
    • full and effective integration of the airspace in the Sydney Basin for the shared operations of KSA and WSA;
    • important transport connections and supporting infrastructure in place before the opening of the WSA, particularly rail from the airport to the Main Western line;
    • special arrangements or mechanisms, involving all levels of government to develop and deliver a decades-long, funded program of infrastructure for the WSA; and
    • economic offset arrangements by the Federal Government for Western Sydney if there are planning and land use implications affecting the economic potential of the Western Sydney Priority Growth Area.
    Importantly, Council also firmly believes that all economic, social and environmental benefits and impacts must be fully addressed in the EIS and proposed mitigation measures detailed in any approval to ensure the health and wellbeing of our community is maintained. Our submission also highlighted many important issues that an independent peer review overseen by WSROC and MACROC has identified were minimally or inadequately addressed in the draft EIS. 

    EIS independent review report

    Penrith and 10 other Western Sydney councils co-funded an in-depth, independent review of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by a range of experts in fields such as biodiversity, noise and social impacts. 

    Download Western Sydney Airport EIS Peer Review Report - Part A (4.93MB pdf)

    Download Western Sydney Airport EIS Peer Review Report - Part B (6.73MB pdf)


    In 2015, after much consideration of the facts, Council agreed to support the Federal Government’s decision to build an airport at Badgerys Creek. Council took this position because the airport offers great potential as a catalyst for increased infrastructure, jobs and investment in our City and the Western Sydney region. These are the things we have long been advocating for. 

    It is vital these opportunities are realised from the airport, so we've been actively speaking to Federal, State and other local Government representatives about the community’s key priorities.

    Western Sydney Airport - Maximising benefits and minimising impacts (20.4MB pdf) defines our position on the airport and sets out a clear and concise program of advocacy which the community can rely on us to focus on. Our campaign around these issues will be wide reaching and include direct contact with decision makers and politicians. For maximum impact, we need the community speaking with the same voice. 

    Read Western Sydney Airport - Frequently Asked Questions

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