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  • Council is committed to maximising the benefits and minimising the impacts of the airport for Penrith residents.

    Council's Position

    Western Sydney Airport has the capacity to unlock exciting opportunities for Penrith, providing more locals jobs, increased industry, investment and infrastructure, and opening up our City to Australia and the world.

    Council is working to harness the opportunities the airport brings and will continue to advocate for better roads, transport, employment and infrastructure to ensure Penrith benefits from Australia’s most exciting major development in decades.

    To realise this potential, we have identified several priority issues and the action required to maximise the benefits and minimise the impacts of the airport for the people of Penrith.

    Delivering for the people of Penrith

    To ensure the Western Sydney Airport benefits the people of Penrith, Council is advocating and influencing across a number of priority areas, including:

    A SEAT AT THE TABLE The ability to influence the planning of the airport and surrounding areas on behalf of our communities is crucial. Penrith Mayor John Thain is a member of the Forum On Western Sydney Airport (FOWSA) ensuring the voice of Council and our community will be heard on the planning of the airport and surrounding areas.

    CONNECTIONS - ROADS AND TRAINS Vital transport connections and supporting infrastructure - both rail and road - must be in place before the opening of the airport. Council is advocating strongly for a North-South rail link, running from Campbelltown to Rouse Hill via the airport, which will be the transformative infrastructure needed to connect Western Sydney. For more information go to our North-South Rail page.

    LOOKING AFTER OUR HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT All environmental and social impacts must be fully addressed and managed in any approvals to ensure the health and wellbeing of our community is maintained.

    HEAR US ON NOISE The noise impacts on our community must be minimised. The Sydney Airport Curfew Act 1995 should be amended to become the Sydney Airports Curfew Act and apply to both Sydney and the future airport.

    SHOW US THE JOBS & BUILD OUR ECONOMY The airport should be the catalyst to create the number and type of jobs our community wants and drive economic development in Western Sydney.

    KNOWLEDGE + SKILLS = OPPORTUNITIES Centres for learning, education and research should be established in Western Sydney to equip our community with the skills they need to aim high and succeed in jobs of the future.

    AN AIRPORT OF THE 21ST CENTURY We see Western Sydney Airport as an iconic site that delivers world’s best practice in access, employment and technology.

    Council’s position and advocacy has been unwavering.

    It is vital these opportunities are realised from the airport, so we've been actively speaking to Federal, State and other local Government representatives about the community’s key priorities.

    Western Sydney Airport - Maximising benefits and minimising impacts (20.4MB pdf) defines our position on the airport and sets out a clear and concise program of advocacy which the community can be assured we will focus on. Our campaign around these issues will be wide reaching and include direct contact with decision makers and politicians. For maximum impact, we need the community speaking with the same voice. 

    Western Sydney Airport - Maximising Benefits Minimising Impacts


    Frequently asked questions

    We have compiled a series of frequently asked questions about the airport and Council's position.

    Updates & Latest News

    Updates on Western Sydney Airport and Council’s advocacy work

    7 August 2017 – WSA Co up and running

    WSA Co, the new company responsible for constructing Western Sydney Airport, is now officially up and running. An independent Board has been established, and the first four directors have been appointed to drive the construction of Australia’s newest airport. Find out more about WSA Co at  wsaco.com.au and in the  media release

    9 May 2017 – Federal Government to build WSA through new company, WSA Co.

    On 9 May 2017, the Federal Government announced that it will establish a company, to be called WSA Co, to develop and operate Western Sydney Airport. The 2017 Budget includes a commitment of up to $5.3 billion over 10 years for WSA Co to build the airport.

    View the Federal Government’s media release.

    26 May 2017 – First meeting of the Forum on Western Sydney Airport

    As a condition of the Western Sydney Airport Plan, the Forum On Western Sydney Airport (FOWSA) has been established as the main community consultation group to provide feedback on the flight path design process. Penrith Mayor John Thain has been appointed to the Forum alongside residents of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, and a range of representatives from state and local governments, industry and major airlines.

    FOWSA met for the first time on Friday 26 May, and toured the Western Sydney Airport (WSA) site.

    View the Federal Government’s media release.

    Further Information

    Further information

    Further information on Western Sydney Airport and its development is provided by the Federal Government:

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