Holiday Activities at Penrith City Library

Saturday, 15 December 2018 - Sunday, 27 January 2019
School holidays are just around the corner and if you haven’t planned anything for the kids yet don’t worry, set your orbit around the library with great holiday workshops, activities and entertainment for 3-16 year olds.

Book your place - call 4732 7891 or email .

THE 13 STOREY TREE HOUSE LIBRARY QUIZ At Penrith, St Marys & St Clair Library Branches
Saturday 15 December - Sunday 27 January. During library opening hours.

Primary school kids, read The 13 Storey Tree House by Andy Griffiths or come into the library to follow the Treehouse trail and test your knowledge in a fun, free library quiz this summer. Use library search tools and solve 13 Storey Treehouse questions to collect a special gift* from Terry & Andy. *Gifts available only while stocks last

WHO: 7-10 year olds

LITTLE BANG DISCOVERY CLUB with Children's Discovery Museum
Monday & Fridays, 7, 11, 14, 18 January

"Little Bang" is the fun, new club where pre-schoolers and parents work together on specially designed, hands-on science activities. Little Bang helps develop ideas and skills for pre-schoolers that inspire further scientific exploration, discovery and learning.

Little Bang Discovery Club includes:

  • Four one-hour sessions across two weeks
  • A Discovery Box full of materials to interact with
  • Question and answer times and a Little Bang book loaned to the children for the duration of the club - - Discovery Club Passport which is stamped at each session
  • A fun Science Fair and graduation

To gain full value from the experience children and parents attend every session:

  • Session 1: Collecting & Classifying
  • Session 2: Measuring & Recording
  • Session 3: Experimenting
  • Session 4: Science Fair & Graduation

Parents are expected to accompany their child and participate with their child during each session. For this reason, we ask that you do not bring other young children or siblings who are not booked into the session so parents can participate fully.

WHO: 3 - 5 year olds
TIME: 10.30 - 11.30am
TICKETS: $30 per child for 4 sessions over 2 weeks

Tuesday 15 January

Using fabric paint, stencils and markers learn fun, new design techniques then let loose and decorate your own cool pencil case just in time for the new school year.

WHO: 5-10 year olds
TIME: 1 - 2pm
TICKETS: $12 per student

TIE DYE FOR TEENS with Na'ama Atzmon Simon
Tuesday 15 January

Tie yourself in knots creating colourful, vibrant designs in a tie-dye workshop for teens. Test out different patterns on fabric squares then use your best ideas to tie-dye a pillow case for your bedroom. Dye your own white cotton t-shirt if you wish to bring one along.

WHO: 11 - 15 year olds
TIME: 10.30am - 12pm
TICKETS: $15 per child

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with Ian Zammit
Tuesdays & Thursdays 15, 17, 22, 24 January

Get into D&D (5th edition), a social, table-top role play game, in a fun summer series perfect for beginners and young people keen to learn more. Create your own character and use it to complete a short and longer quest with other team players. You'll get great tips from Ian, a seasoned Dungeon Master, about playing with other characters, the games world and simple clues about how to get your own game up and running. Tell your parents, D&D boasts heaps of great learning benefits too with skills in problem solving, mathematics, science, literacy, history, creativity and imagination to name just a few!

WHO: 12-16 year olds
TIME: 5.30 - 7.30pm
TICKETS: $50 per student for 4 sessions

PASS THE POETRY PLEASE with Carolyn Eccles
Wednesday 16 January

Pass the Poetry isn't a stuffy poetry show - it's a lively, engaging, visually rich theatre experience, skilfully combining poems and rhymes both fast, slow, funny and sad with costumed characters and baffling illusions in a colourful, energetic performance to stretch the imagination.

WHO: For the whole family
TIME: 10.30 - 11.30am
TICKETS: $7 per person (children under 2 free) 

Wednesday 23 January

The Peter Wood Funny Magic Show is great summer entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together. Carefully crafted for all age groups, Peter's magic show uses pace, anticipation and surprise to keep you enthralled from beginning to end.

WHO: For the whole family
TIME: 10.30 - 11.30am
TICKETS: $7 per person (children under 2 free)

READY, SET, GO BIKES! with Addventageous
Thursday 24 January 

Love riding your bike in Summer? Riding your bike to school in 2019? We'll keep you pedalling all year long! Learn how to keep your bike in tip-top shape and find out about all the best places to ride in Penrith! No bikes required - everything supplied!

WHO: 7-11 year olds
TIME: 10 - 10.45am
TICKETS: $7 per student

ON YA BIKE? with Addventageous
Thursday 24 January

Does your bike get you where you need to go? Do you know the best places to ride with mates? We'll keep you pedalling all year round with a workshop to teach you how to keep your bike in great shape and clued up about the best rides in Penrith! No bikes required - everything supplied!

WHO: 12-16 year olds
TIME: 11 - 11.45am
TICKETS: $7 per child


All events are at Penrith Library. Bookings are essential. Book early to avoid disappointment as tickets sell quickly. No refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased. Family shows - every adult and child over 2 years old must purchase a ticket. Other events - accompanying adults attend for free. All events are supervised by professional facilitators and staff. Images displayed in the newsletter are for promotional purposes only.

Tickets for all school holiday activities can be purchased at any Penrith Library Branch, or for more information contact or phone 4732 7891.

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