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    We want everyone to be - and feel - safe in our community. Many of Council's services support community safety, and we work together with local groups, businesses and organisations including the police to improve safety around the City.

    See the  Penrith Community Safety Plan 2013-2016 (pdf 3MB)

    The Penrith Community Safety Partnership is a formal committee of Council. It meets 4 times a year and brings together representatives from Council, Penrith and St Marys Police, Penrith City Centre Association and St Marys Town Centre Management, the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce, as well as the transport, health and education sectors and a range of community organisations, to:  

    • identify and address community safety issues, and
    • review and monitor the effectiveness of the Penrith Community Safety Plan. 

    For more information, contact Council's Community Safety Coordinator on 4732 7777.

    Projects and initiatives to help people feel and be safer in Penrith include: 

    Alcohol free areas

    It is illegal to drink alcohol or have it in your possession in certain areas of our City that Council has identified as alcohol free under the NSW Local Government Act 1993 to help reduce antisocial behaviour.

    For more information contact our Community Safety team on 4732 8028.

    The Local Government Act allows councils to designate certain roads, footpaths and car parks as Alcohol Free Zones (section 644) and other public open spaces such as parks or sporting fields as Alcohol Prohibited Areas (Section 632A). It is illegal to consume and/or possess alcohol in a designated Alcohol Free Zone or Alcohol Prohibited Area. Our local designated areas are:

    Cambridge Park

    Open space and sporting ovals bounded by Oxford Street, Barry Street, Eton Road and College Street

    Oxford Street, Barry Street, Eton Road and College Street surrounding 'Cambridge Park' being public streets

    Public car parks adjacent to Cambridge Park Community Hall, Oxford Street


    Roper Road Soccer Fields, Roper Road (10pm - 8am)

    Public car park within the Roper Road Soccer Fields, Roper Road

    Reserve located on Lennox Street

    Area bounded by Hewitt Street, Jensen Street, Willoughby Street and Albany Lane, being public streets


    Reserve on the corner of Sherringham Road and Ironbark Drive

    Open space surrounded by Borrowdale Way, Sherringham Road, McHenry Road, Grey Gums Road and Cranebrook High/Braddock Public School Reserve located off Pendock Road next to Progress Way

    Car park and footpath that incorporates a bus stop (adjacent to Progress Way) located on Pendock Road

    Emu Plains

    Dukes Oval, located on Park Street (10pm - 8am)

    Area bounded by Park Street, Lawson Street, Pyramid Street (between the Great Western Highway and Lawson Street), and the Great Western Highway (between Pyramid Street and Park Street), being public streets

    Public car park located next to Melrose Hall, on the corner of the Great Western Highway and Park Street

    Erskine Park

    Public car park next to Erskine Park Community Hall, Peppertree Drive

    Public car park within Peppertree Reserve, Swallow Drive

    Glenmore Park

    Ched Towns Reserve, located on Town Terrace (10pm - 8am)

    Public car park within and next to Ched Towns Reserve

    Blue Hills Oval, located on Westerly Way (10pm - 8am)

    Public car park next to Blue Hills Oval, Westerly Way


    Red Cross Park, corner of Great Western Highway and Somerset Street

    Great Western Highway between Bringelly Road and Somerset Street, being public streets

    The area of Park Avenue from Richmond Road to Walter Street being a public road

    Public car park located to the north of Kingswood Station on the corner of Richmond Road and Cox Avenue

    The area of Richmond Road from Park Avenue to Cox Avenue being a public road

    Wainwright Lane, from Somerset Street to Bringelly Road, being a public road

    North Penrith

    Park located on the corner of Illawong Avenue and Calloola Avenue

    North St Marys

    Poplar Park, Poplar Street

    Parklawn Place, being a public road and car park

    Area of Wattle Street, Willow Street and Wattle Lane, being public roads adjacent to Parklawn Place


    Sporting Complex and Ovals, Andrews Road (10pm - 8am)

    Woodriff Gardens, bounded by the railway line, High St (Great Western Highway) and Castlereagh Rd

    Open space bounded by Woodriff Street, Derby Street, The Broadway and Station Street

    High Street (between Station Street in the West and Doonmore Street in the East) being a public street

    Station Street, between High Street and Union Road, being a public street

    Public car park known as Union Place (between Station Street and Worth Street)

    Station Street, between Belmore Street and Henry Street, being a public street

    Belmore Street, between Riley Street and Station Street, being a public street

    Area between Lawson Street and Station Street, known as Allen Place and Edwards Place car parks

     Area bounded by Lawson Street, Henry Street, Evan Street and High Street, being public streets 

    Area bounded by Union Lane, Station Street, The Broadway and Woodriff Street, being public streets 

    Soper Place car park

    Station Street, between High Street and Henry Street, being a public street

    Public car park behind the PCYC, Station Street

    Civic Centre car park, 601 High Street, being a public car park

    The 'Mondo' space bounded by the Civic Centre, Westfield Penrith Plaza and the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre

    St Clair

    Open space on the eastern side of Bennett Road, leading up to Reddington Avenue

    Mark Leece Oval, Endeavour Avenue (10pm - 8am)

    Public car park adjacent to Mark Leece Sporting Complex, Endeavour Avenue

    Bennett Road, Endeavour Avenue, St Clair Avenue and Blackett Close, surrounding Mark Leece Sporting Complex, being public roads

    Open space surrounding and adjacent to St Clair Leisure Centre, St Clair Community Health Centre and Autumnleaf Neighbourhood Centre

    Open space surrounded by Denver Road, Colorado Drive and Diamantina Close

    Public car park adjacent to the St Clair Leisure Centre, bounded by Autumnleaf Parade, Timesweep Drive and Botany Lane

    Lukes Lane Reserve, from Banks Drive to Cook Parade

    The area of Melville Road from Moore Street to Onslow Street

    The area of Moore Street from Melville Road to Onslow Street

    The area of Macarthur Street from Moore Street to Onslow Street

    The public reserve adjacent to Melville Road shopping centre bound by Moore Street, Melville Road, Macarthur Drive and Onslow Street

    St Marys

    Coachmans Park, corner Queen Street and Kungala Street

    Public car park on Carinya Avenue between railway line and Belar Street

    Public car park on Charles Hackett Drive between Belar Street and Kungala Street

    Public car park on Carinya Avenue between Charles Hackett Drive and Crana Street

    The area of Queen Street from Nariel Street to the Great Western Highway being a public road

    The area of West Lane between the Railway Line and Crana Street being a public road

    The area of Station Street from Queen Street to Chesham Street being a public road

    The area of Charles Hackett Drive between Queen Street and Carinya Street being a public road

    Kokoda Park, located on Charles Hackett Drive

    The area of Queen Street extending from the Railway Station to Nariel Street, being a public street

    Venness Place car park

    Victoria Park, located on the Great Western Highway

    Carsons Lane Car Park, Carsons Lane

    The area of Forrester Road from Glossop Street to St Marys Station, being a public road

    Jack Jewry Reserve, Waratah Street

    Forthorn Place being a public road

    The area of Harris Street from Glossop Street to Forrester Road being a public street

    Bennett Park, bound by Gidley Street and King Street


    Open space known as 'Werrington Creek Park' surrounded by Victoria Street, Cottage Street, Burton Street, Herbert Street and Shaw Street, including Werrington Lake, Harold Corr Oval and Shaw Park

    Public car park within 'Werrington Creek Park' off Burton Street

    Rance Oval, Victoria Street (10pm - 8am)

    Victoria Street, Parks Avenue and Albert Street adjacent to Rance Oval, being public streets

    Public car park within Rance Oval located on Albert Street

    Public car parks adjacent to Victoria Street Community Cottage, Harold Corr Hall

    Yoorami Children's Centre and Before and After school care, Cottage Street

    The public space and reserve between and surrounding Werrington County Children's Centre and Namatjira Neighbourhood Centre, bounded by Henry Lawson Avenue and John Batman Ave and the adjoining Werrington County Public School

    Werrington Downs

    Public car park next to Werrington Downs Neighbourhood Centre, Brookfield Avenue


    Police can confiscate and tip out alcohol found in these places without issuing a warning.

    If a person doesn't cooperate with a police officer they can be charged with obstruction under Section 660 of the Act.

    What if I want to organise an event that involves alcohol at one of these places?

    In some circumstances, Council will consider requests to temporarily suspend an Alcohol Free Zone or Alcohol Prohibited Area for a specific period of time or event, such as a community festival. This is at the discretion of Council in conjunction with local Police. To apply for a temporary suspension of an Alcohol Free Zone or Alcohol Prohibited Area, contact the Community Safety team on 4732 8028 to get a form which needs to be submitted to Council at least 30 days before the proposed suspension period.

    Report It, Don't Ignore It!

    To report alcohol-related antisocial behaviour in a designated Alcohol Free Zone or Alcohol Prohibited Area, contact police: Penrith 4721 9444 or St Marys: 9677 7499

    Crime prevention through environmental design

    Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a theory that we can reduce crime through the way we design buildings and public spaces.

    Council has a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Control Plan (pdf 1.67MB) included in our Development Control Plan (Volume 1) to help designers incorporate features to minimise opportunities for crime.

    Some CPTED principles are used in the assessment of development applications:

    • surveillance - people feel safer in public areas where they can easily see and interact with others. Would-be offenders are often deterred from committing crime in areas with high levels of surveillance. Lighting and choice of plants plays a role.
    • access control - physical and symbolic boundaries between public and private spaces and barriers can be used to attract, channel or restrict the movement of people. They minimise opportunities for crime and increase the effort required to commit crime.
    • territorial reinforcement - people often feel comfortable in, and are more likely to visit, places which feel owned and cared for. Well-used places also reduce opportunities for crime. Community ownership also increases the likelihood that people who witness crime will respond by quickly reporting it or by attempting to prevent it.
    • space management - involves property owners including Council keeping spaces well maintained and used.

    Cyber safety

    Cyber safety has become an increasingly important aspect of keeping our communities safe. Council is committed to raising awareness of the risks the internet may pose for people of all ages.

    The internet can be an excellent source of information and entertainment, however it is important to be aware of the many risks that internet users can face and how to minimise these risks, particularly for children and teenagers. It is important to teach your kids how to be a responsible cyber citizen. Some of the issues kids may face when using the internet include:

    • Cyber bullying
    • Digital reputation
    • Having unknown contacts in social networking
    • Sexting
    • Unwanted sexual contact
    • Identity theft and the spread of personal information
    • Offensive or illegal content
    • Excessive internet use
    • The trade of illicit products

    Safer Internet Day is held each 11 February.

    For more information and tips on how to stay Cyber Smart, visit Cyber Smart.

    For more information about what to look out for and where to get help, visit NSW Police.

    Safety tips

    Household safety 

    Lock up when you leave - make sure you lock your doors, windows and outside gates whenever you go out, and consider locking up when you're home.

    Don't open your door to an intruder - think about installing a peep hole or door chain. Be sure you know who's at the door before you open it.

    Leave a light on while you're home after dark, especially at your front door to deter burglars. If possible, install movement-sensor lights in your garden. Think about timers to light your home in the evening and when you go away on holidays. 

    Car security

    Lock It, or Lose It  - make sure your doors are locked and windows are closed when you stop at traffic lights. Always keep valuables hidden and think about buying a steering wheel lock. 

    Engrave your belongings with your name. They'll be harder for thieves to sell and more easily returned to you. 

    Personal safety

    Never carry large amounts of cash. At night, stay in well lit areas where there are lots of people. If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, go to a busy or bright place like a shop. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. 

    If you're assaulted, report the incident to police immediately. Try to remember the attacker's appearance. 

    Syringes - If you see a syringe in a public place, call the 24 hour needle clean up hotline on 1800 633 353 so it can be removed by a trained worker.

    Fire safety

    Don't go up in smoke - a properly installed and maintained smoke alarm can save your life. Have a plan. Being woken up by a fire can be confusing, but having a fire evacuation plan helps everyone in your household know what to do and where to go. 

    For more information: 

    Fire and Rescue NSW 

    NSW Rural Fire Service 


    Council is developing a 'Walk Wise' project to renew and reactivate public spaces and shared pathways. We want to improve community safety, reduce fear of crime and encourage active lifestyles.

    This project is currently under development. Watch this space for regular updates.

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To find out more about Library opening hours and services, please visit library.penrith.city. For more information about Council Services, please call 4732 7777.

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