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  • Child Friendly City Strategy

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  • Our Strategy

    Council has developed a strategic framework to help make our City a safe, happy, healthy place for children to live, learn and grow. Our local kids had a say in it too.

    Download here:

    or contact 4732 7838 or email  cbishop@penrithcity.nsw.gov.au to request a hard copy.

    Our vision, mission & values

    Council is committed to providing Children's Services programs for the benefit of families and children across the City. Council plans and provides quality services, and also supports and works in partnership with others involved in children's services.


    Working together to provide a secure, happy, caring learning environment for children, families and staff.


    We are committed to ensuring early childhood experiences have a positive and profound outcome for the current and future development of Penrith citizens who form our social and intellectual capital.


    Our staff also follow the values and behaviours for ethical conduct outlined for all Council employees. Our Children's Services team also respects these values:

    • Care
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Learning
    • Diversity
    • Respect
    • Ethics
    • Nurture

Have your say

Community input is important

We encourage you to have your say about community plans, policies and issues that will shape our City's future...

Community input is important

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