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  • Following a big month readying Queen Street for the Spring Festival, Stage 2 works were extensively completed by the end of August. There is still some work to complete with the special place at Crana St junction and furniture being installed.

    The third stage of streetscape upgrade works from Star Arcade to King St are now well underway. Excavation for services and concrete paving is being carried out. Night shift demolition and asphalt works will commence mid October, bringing an end to the Public Domain portion of the works.

    Project Schedule - Summary

    • Special Place - Baldo’s Laneway: Completion of bus shelter and seating by end of September
    • Special Place - Library: Installation of remaining asphalt and custom furniture by mid October
    • Special Place - Post Office: Completion of custom furniture and defect rectification
    • Chapel South to Star Arcade: Replacement of Telstra pit and asphalting of area
    • Special Place- Mid Block: Completion of custom furniture, garden bed and paving.
    • Special Place- Crana St: Completion of custom furniture, garden bed and paving.
    • Special Place- Oxley Arcade: Telstra works, completion of furniture, asphalting and garden beds.
    • Public domain upgrade works from Star Arcade to King St north: demolition of existing footpath, replacement of downpipes, excavation for services and structural soil trench, and preparation for new asphalting.
    • Special Place- Telstra Exchange: Removal of existing raised garden bed and preparation for new garden beds
    • Special Place- King St Bus Stop: Demolition of existing footpath and install new paving and shelter
    • Special Place- Station Plaza: demolish and replace with new asphalt paving. Preparation of new concrete slab for new paving. Preparation of new garden beds, excavation for the footing structure of new bus shelter.
    • Special Place- Highway Gateway: Demolition of existing paving, brick paving modification to Telstra pits, preparation of garden area, preparation concrete slab and installation of paving.

    Pedestrian access to properties and businesses will be maintained during the project. CA&I staff will advise of any necessary disruption as the project progresses. Vehicular access into Queen Street will be maintained during construction, however, access may be restricted on some occasions to ensure the works are conducted safely and efficiently. There will be temporary loss of parking near works.

    Penrith City Council and CA&I appreciate your cooperation and apologise in advance for any inconvenience that these necessary works may cause. 

    Monthly information sessions are held at St Marys Band Club starting at 5.30pm on the last Wednesday of the month.

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