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  • In September this year the State and Federal Governments publicly released its Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study - Discussion Paper which included a range of options to address the future rail needs in the region. In responding to the Study, Council carefully considered how the various rail options could fundamentally improve the economic productivity and the liveability of the western Sydney region

    Council’s submission was supported by extensive analysis by Deloitte and Arup who were commissioned by the Western Sydney Rail Alliance, which Penrith helped establish in late 2015. Alliance members include Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown councils, major landowners, The Committee for Sydney and the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue.

    In its submission Council urged that:

    1. Immediate steps be taken to reserve a rail corridor from the metro north-west at Cudgegong Road to Campbelltown Station via Western Sydney Airport.
    2. This corridor proceed to construction so that it is operational by the commencement of passenger services at Western Sydney Airport.

    Council’s submission stated that options 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 have merit. Option 5 would not be needed until several decades after commencement of the airport. Options A to E see Western Sydney’s rail needs met by Eastern Sydney located projects and cannot be supported.

    Download Council's submission (6.27MB pdf)

    Council fully supported Option 6 – North-South Rail. The submission describes Option 6 as the only option which truly responds to the absolute imperative for structuring of the north-south outer metropolitan growth arc around passenger rail. This would be City and Regional shaping, and substantially enhance the economic, social and environmental performance of this planned high growth corridor. It provides the best opportunity for the benefits of a Western Sydney Airport to exceed the impacts – which is critical for public support for this major project.

    As outlined in our submission Option 6 is the only option that will:

    • Create a new, connected 30-minute outer metropolitan growth city
    • Add $44.7 billion to the economy (from 2024 – 2040) reaching $3.6 billion per year by 2040
    • Support and improve access between the Growth Centres, the Western Sydney Priority Growth Area (including the proposed Western Sydney Airport) and the Regional City Centres of Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown
    • Provide an unrivalled catalyst for employment, innovation and economic growth in the region to deliver the jobs of tomorrow
    • Integrate with current rail plans to form an orbital network, supporting the existing east-west corridor with Penrith as the gateway between Sydney and the Central West, and
    • Reduce the >90% reliance on motor vehicle for journeys to work in Western Sydney, significantly reduce commuting times and improve quality of life.  

    Council worked with the community to make the case for Option 6 with more than 900 people and businesses visiting the Study website through an awareness campaign.

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