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  • Penrith's brand

  • In 2012 Penrith Council introduced a new brand for Penrith. The brand was developed in consultation with a range of stakeholders to enhance the image of Penrith as a Regional City; communicate the benefits of living, working, visiting and investing in Penrith and let everyone know that Penrith is Here.

    The personality, aspirations and features which are unique to the people and the city of Penrith were identified in this consultation process. We value our lifestyle, new ideas and ways of thinking and ambition. We are active, adventurous, grounded, positive and uncompromising. These traits provided inspiration throughout the brand design and development process.

    At the heart of the Penrith brand strategy was the concept of Penrith as the ‘New West’; a place of new opportunities and untapped potential that is forward thinking, industrious and independent. Penrith’s brand positioning closely reflected the city’s vision for the future:

    • Penrith is making its mark as a place of limitless opportunities.
    • A thriving city with the space, the people and he vision to make things happen.
    • A city where impressive urban amenity is balanced with striking natural beauty.
    • A place that is open to new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things.
    • A place where there is great potential yet to be capped. A place where you can turn your big ideas into a reality.

    The brand is owned and controlled by Penrith Council but it has been designed to be embraced and activated across all levels of the organisation and our community. There are three facets to the brand; a community mark, council mark and a New West mark which work on their own or together to promote Penrith as a place of limitless opportunities.

    Penrith Mark Logo

    The community mark is a friendly and bold logo to reflect the personality of the Penrith community. While it’s designed to put Penrith on the map, it acknowledges that it’s not just the place that makes Penrith great - it's the people.

    Penrith City Council Logo

    Penrith’s open spaces and lifestyle make our city unique. Council fosters these characteristics through the provision of services and uses the simple word mark on all Council communications and online platforms to support these efforts.

    Penrith New West Logo

    Go to PenrithNewWest.com.au for more information.

    New West is the economic arm of the brand. It’s designed to align us with partners who recognise our potential, share our vision for the future and want to work together to deliver innovative and remarkable results for Penrith.


    How to use the community mark?

    Send an email to telling us about your project, group, business or initiative and why it aligns with the Penrith brand. Don’t forget to let us know how you would like to use the community mark in your marketing, communications and promotions.

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Community input is important

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