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    Penrith Progression began as an initiative of Penrith City Council and the Penrith Business Alliance, to transform the City Centre and deliver jobs for the future.

    A process of collaborative discovery, it identified new economic, social and environmental drivers, addressed barriers to investment, and identified catalyst projects to revitalise the city.

    In February 2015 – following 12 months collaboration with investors, landowners, community and others - the Penrith Progression A Plan for Action (accessible pdf 26.2MB) was launched. It has the potential to bring 10, 000 jobs and 5, 000 dwellings to the City Centre.

    Through investment, development and business growth, it will help meet the 2031 target of 45,000+ new jobs in the City. 

    Community engagement

    The Penrith Progression consultation, collaboration and engagement involved a series of workshops, focus groups and forums to explore ideas, opportunities and potential catalyst projects to revitalise the City Centre.

    The project launch, 2 workshops, 2 focus groups and finale event brought together over 550 participants representing investors, landowners, business groups, government agencies, not-for-profit / community sectors, creative and educational groups.

    An on-line forum received 39 responses and over 500 views. 

    Engagement events

    Launch – 7 February 2014

    More than 250 business people from across Sydney attended the launch of the Penrith Progression by the former Premier, Barry O’Farrell.

    Gathering – 8 May 2014

    Everyone who had registered their interest in Penrith Progression was invited to discuss what was required to revitalise the city centre and create local jobs. The Gathering attracted 160 participants.

    Economic Focus Group – 11 June 2014

    The Economic Focus Group attracted 27 participants to explore game changing ideas and events to drive economic investment and jobs in the City Centre.

    Place Shaping Focus Group – 13 June 2014

    Place shaping ideas for the Penrith City Centre were generated under the themes of vibrancy, green, inclusiveness, movement and connection and housing. The Place Shaping Focus Group attracted 19 participants.

    Ideas and Opportunities Workshop – 8 August 2014

    The Ideas and Opportunities workshop provided an overview of the economic drivers, potential areas of competitive advantage and future investment in the City Centre. The 48 workshop participants drew on the ideas from the Gathering in May, and the focus group sessions in June, to shape potential projects and opportunities for revitalisation in the city centre.

    Online Forum – June-September 2014

    The forum had around 39 responses and over 500 views. Participants were asked about their ideas for improving the city centre, based on five questions. All ideas from the online forum helped to inform the Economic Masterplan and Place Shaping Framework.

    Meetings – August-September 2014

    Meetings were held with stakeholders from the different sectors of ‘comparative advantage’ to test the analysis with local industry knowledge.

    Finale – 10 December 2014

    The last step in the collaborative phase, the Penrith Progression 2014 Finale, was held on 10 December 2014 with over 50 key stakeholders, to test the thinking about opportunity precincts and catalyst projects for the City Centre.

    Launch – 26 February 2015

    The Penrith Progression Plan for Action was launched before 220 people on 26 February 2015.  The plan aims to transform the City Centre and deliver jobs of the future, through a focus on the opportunity precincts and catalyst projects.  It has been informed by feedback received at the Finale and previous forums.

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